Experimenting a virtual co-working concept on Pragli

Hi, Taishi here. How have you been?

For the past few months, I’ve been trying to launch a startup in Vancouver.

And the idea I am thinking of is the “virtual co-working space” concept.

I am validating this idea with a platform called Pragli as an MVP.

I am talking about it on a Japanese podcasting platform, so please give it a listen if you are interested in👍

Because of COVID-19, I feel there are so many chat platforms are coming to the market.

This is some example.

All of these look so fun and interesting!

I wanna build an online community tool

I love making a place you can belong to online such as a social network service.

I think Pragli is very good, it’s a great tool for work just like Slack, but with game-like avatars to show off the users and create a more community feel.

pragli ui

Pragli is progressive

On the other hand, as you can see when you use it, it’s quite quirky. For example, when you enter a room, the microphone automatically turns to sound. Why, in my case, I had to go to the trouble of manually setting it to Mute every time. I think most people are still resistant to having their sound leaking out to the other person all the time or something like that. Even in a real coworking space, just because you walk into a certain room doesn’t mean you’re always going to talk to the people in there.

Pragli is pretty unique.

It’s a challenge to get users to keep the app open at all times as you can imagine…

I keep the Pragli desktop app open all the time.

That’s how I’ve noticed that the app is pretty heavy. That makes my PC run slow. I wish it was as light as Discord or Telegram.

I had a fun experience with the virtual co-working space

On the other hand, it was a lot of fun to video chat with people I barely know.

Coworking space is a space where you see people every day but you’ve never talked to them before, so I think it was fun to realize that at Pragli this time as well.

I had a late-night video chat with them. It was fun.

I had a late-night video chat with them. It was fun

Some people said that just displaying the avatars of people online gave them a sense of security, like a sense of security that people were there, and they liked that kind of loose atmosphere.

I agree with that.

I came up with the idea of a virtual co-working space in the first place because I was always working from home and I was lonely, lol.

Even if you don’t talk to each other, just knowing that someone else is there can be comforting and inspire you to do your best.

That’s what I felt strongly in this Pragli experiment.

One more week for the experiment

Here is the invitation link for our Pragli!


Please feel free to talk to me when you join it👨‍🎤